The Stroke Association of Kenya provides a unique, post-rehabilitation experience for stroke survivors. We offer classes and wellness programs designed to address survivors’ physical, cognitive, social and emotional well-being—in a comfortable, welcoming, non-clinical environment.

Caregivers find us to be a valuable resource where they participate in classes and support groups that are designed to address their specific concerns.

Through our fitness programs, classes, life skills development, community outings and support groups , the SAOK continues its mission of supporting stroke survivors and their families through their ongoing journeys of ‘life after stroke’.

The SAOK staff partner with community health care professionals, volunteers, and student interns to provide our many and varied programs. Under the guidance of these individuals, survivors apply and practice skills to overcome their disabilities and get on with their lives.

We do not duplicate other services but complement them, providing the missing link in the continuum of stroke recovery.

We anticipate becoming the trusted source for free resources and education for the entire stroke community. We develop programs across the full continuum of stroke—prevention, acute treatment, and rehabilitation. Further,

  •     We promote lifesaving stroke information
  •     We provide objective and credible information
  •     We impact survivor empowerment and stroke community quality of life
  •     We give voice to those denied their rights because of stroke

To reach out to stroke survivors and their families across Kenya and empower them to reclaim hope for life after stroke.

To reduce the incidences and impact of stroke by developing compelling education and programs focused on prevention, treatment, rehabilitation and support for all impacted by stroke.

We strive to:

  • Provide learning opportunities for stroke survivors that stimulate their physical, educational, and emotional growth
  • Create an environment for stroke survivors that enriches their lives and the lives of their caregivers and promotes living a full life after stroke
  • Foster an atmosphere where stroke survivors, staff, and caregivers can interact in a positive, progressive environment of mutual respect
  • Act with integrity when striving to meet any goal.
  1. Transformation

We do everything in such a way that, and in the hope that the lives of our members will be positively changed forever.

  1. Commitment

We are committed to our mission of empowering stroke survivors to participate in the economy like it is the only thing we live for.

  1. Love

Our collective spirit is to love our members like they are the best we have ever had.

  1. Humility

We serve our members with humility, without regard to whom they are or where they have come from.

  1. Diligence

We exercise diligence in all our operations, to ensure they are within the law and do not undermine natural justice.

  1. Accountability

We hold ourselves accountable to the authorities, our sponsors and the society at large for the service we provide to members. Members need to be accountable to themselves for the changes that they will make in their lives through voluntary participation in the program.